Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Employer Branding surveys around the globe

The recruitment market is finally heating up again. At least based on feedback from many companies around the globe. They are starting to find it difficult and costly to replace talents as valued employees leave the workforce when times is getting better. As a response, Universum is right now conducting the world’s largest Employer Branding survey to help companies to understand more about preferences among young employees.

Having started with India in November and in Europe and North America in December, Universum is now reaching the final stages of the most ambitious research on student career expectations ever, conducted in 31 countries. To deliver the reliable and comprehensive trending data, relationships with close to 1,000 universities around the globe is needed. Around 350.000 students will complete the Universum surveys this year. The surveys are the first step towards developing a successful employer branding strategy, answering questions such as:

• What do students expect from their future working life?
• Which companies do students identify as ideal employers?
• Which companies are competing for the same talent?
• Which communication channels do students prefer to use?

Universum conducts regional and country specific research on several student populations:
graduates in Europe, US, Asia, Canada, Australia, Russia and South Africa.

If you are interested in understanding more about the surveys, send me an email at cd@universum.se.

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